January Update

Hi everyone! First of all the the best wishes for 2015! What a promising year for gaming.
Guns, Gore and Cannoli is nearing completion.
Things have been very busy at our office. Trying to attend some family gatherings and work in-between.  The team spend a lot of time improving the existing gameplay during the past months. We mainly focussed on new features and more content.
One of our favourite improvements is the local multiplayer mode. You are now able to play with up to 4 players together in co-op and face even more zombies.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 13.00.47

We added several new enemy characters, human and undead.
More levels are added and we spend some time creating challenging boss battles.
The team is now fine-tuning the levels and preparing for certification.
The final release date will be announced soon.


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Article in Focus Knack

A couple of weeks ago we invited a reporter at our office. He was very interested in our game and company work-flow. Attached you can see the sweet 2-page description of Guns, Gore & Cannoli in the Focus Knack magazine. We even hit page 4!
Attached you may find a copy of the writing for those who are interested and master the Dutch tongue.


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The first Guns, Gore & Cannoli demo is ready!

Are you ready to experience our fast-paced action platformer for the first time?
We are pleased to give you all an early look at the atmosphere, visual style and a piece of the narrative. suggestions and comments are welcome.kickstarter kaartje front
Go ahead and try it out now. In this demo you can play the stripclub level and meet one of the bosses. Play alone or battle together with a friend in the multiplayer mode.
Use the keyboard or feel free to hook up a controller to control your character and blast your way through a horde of zombies. The Demo is currently available for Windows and Mac HERE.

First Look Event in Utrecht was great

Thanks for all the amazing feedback and thrilling faces at First Look last weekend.
We met some awesome gamers and had a great time showing you our latest version.
Hopefully you had a good time playing our game.
See you again next year Holland!


IMG_2356Coming up Facts at expo Gent/Belgium 18-19 Oktober!

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Game Force was fun!

Last weekend we showcased the new multiplayer demo at Game Force in Antwerp/Belgium. This new feature adds a lot to the game. We noticed many happy faces and friends playing the game together as a team. Our team spent a lot of time polishing the local co-op mode and will continue our development with all the amazing feedback in mind.


For the ones who couldn’t make it to the event… no worries!  Next weekend we’ll be present at First Look 11 and 12 October in Utrecht/Holland.
In 2 weeks you’ll be able to play Guns, Gore & Cannoli at FACTS (18-19 October) in Gent/Belgium.

As you may wonder about the availability of Guns, Gore & Cannoli. We are nearing the end of the year and coming closer to our projected release date. More info about the exact release will follow soon. Oh and… we’ll upload the demo one of these days. It’s almost ready!!

Greenlit by Steam! Cazzo Sì!

Thanks to all!

Our Greenlight campaign started Friday the 29th. Our game was well received by the Steam community. It was amazing news for the entire team. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the mail appearing in my inbox. We followed the progress closely until we received the big news just this morning.Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 11.47.28

What’s Next?

We’ve been working on this game since the beginning of 2014. It will be a cartoony 2D action platformer game. Play as Vinnie, a vengeful gangster who comes to Thugtown to straighten a few things out. Vinnie is sent to a messed up city, looking for a ‘goodfella’ who’s gone missing since the zombie-outbreak.
Travel through a dangerous mind-blowing environment filled with zombies and gangsters. You will face many different enemies and clues in a story filled with betrayal and vengeance.
The Greenlight process has been extremely enlightening. We talked to a lot of fans and developers. Local Co-op and localization have been hot topics and on our TODO list. Being greenlit encourages us to set up a Kickstarter. Given the possibility to involve more people into our project, offering cool gadgets and even physical goals. More news shall appear very soon!  So stay tuned and eat a lot of Pasta! Meanwhile, our studio engines are running on full speed. More levels and features are being made and soon announced.


Greenlight page Steamcommunity.com
Follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/gunsgorecannoli


Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Today we added our project to Steam Greenlight. Since the start of 2014 we’ve been working very passionately on this project. We’re finally getting closer to the release date. Now it’s time to showcase our masterpiece to the jury.

Especially for the occasion we made a new teaser video, showing more unreleased footage than ever before. Remember, the game is by no means finished yet!

How can you help?
There is only one way… go to our Steam Greenlight page, click YES. Feel free to share this news to all your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli will be available early 2015 for PC and next-gen consoles.

We survived Gamescom!

After 5 days of eating Pizza, drinking coffee and meeting amazing people we arrived back at the studio. Thanks for all the amazing feedback and fun.
As knights at the round table we put our heads together and discussed all the cool ideas and future features.
To all the people who signed up for the closed beta… Stay tuned! Minor changes need to be done first. We’ll send an email shortly to everyone. (you can still sign up at the top)

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Gamescom here we come!

This week we’ll be showing a new demo to the world…Our team is going to Gamescom in Cologne/Germany. One of the largest game shows in Europe!
We’ll bring several stations with a demo of the game.

Visit our booth & play Guns, Gore & Cannoli. Meet the team and sign-up for the closed beta.
Find us in Hall 10.1 at C 02.

See you soon!

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Playing at Epicon


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Thanks to all the people who stopped by at our booth and played the demo. We got some amazing feedback and interest. stay tuned for more!

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